Restaurant Employee Burned Following Automobile Accident

The Ventura County Star reported on an accident a few weeks ago involving an elderly woman who mistakenly hit her accelerator instead of her brakes in the parking lot of a Burger Express in Thousand Oaks, California. She went on to plow through the front of the building, overturning a deep fryer onto an employee.

The man was covered with hot oil from the fryer and suffered serious burns over sixty percent of his body in this burn injury accident. He was immediately taken to the nearby Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center for treatment. However, due to the severity of his injuries, he was later transferred to a Sherman Oaks burn center.

Police say that the investigation is ongoing and that the driver may face charges because of the employee’s injuries. No names, ages, or other personal information were released about either party.

Extensive Burns, Elderly Drivers

Burns over sixty percent of one’s body can be incredibly dangerous. Receiving such an injury is potentially lethal for reasons people would not suspect.

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If a large amount of a person’s skin sustains second or third degree burns, the body can actually lose the ability to regulate and keep in its heat. Without proper medical attention, a person can actually go into shock from loss of body heat, creating more serious problems beyond the burns themselves.

The related accident of an elderly citizen being involved in an automobile accident of that type was actually the third of its kind in the past few months in the Thousand Oaks area. The Ventura County Star’s article also related the story of a 69-year-old woman crashing her car into a nearby salon after getting a sandal stuck between the pedals. These incidents have caused an outcry from the community for mandatory driving tests for elderly citizens.

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