road accident

road accident

A road accident can be one of many types of vehicle involved accidents. Many times a vehicle accident that is classified as a road accident depends entirely on the country or area of the country that you may be traveling in.

Most road traffic accidents occur in rural areas as opposed to urban areas that are served by freeways or highways separated by medians. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, it is considered a road accident rather than a car accident.

A collision with an animal is considered a road accident. If a large animal such as a deer is struck on the roadway it can come through the windshield creating a deadly road accident. The damage sustained by a vehicle in a crash with large animals can be extensive.

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Road Accidents Include Run Off Road Collisions

One type of road accident known as a “lane departure crash” can occur when a driver attempts to avoid an animal as it darts across the roadway. A lane departure crash occurs when a driver leaves the lane they are traveling in for whatever reason and collides with another vehicle or roadside object.

Lane departure crashes can include head on collisions and what are commonly referred to as “run off road collisions.” When two vehicles traveling on a 60 mph single roadway with no separation of opposing lanes of traffic are involved in a head on collision, the force of the collision is the same as a single vehicle colliding with a parked car at 120mph.

You can imagine the devastation possible from this type of road accident. The primary cause of head on road accidents is when one vehicle inadvertently crosses into the path of an oncoming vehicle whether it happens from overcorrection or a failed passing attempt or in an attempt to miss a roadway hazard, the result is the same.

Road Accident Is Single Vehicle Accident

The frequency of head on collisions increases with an increase in traffic flow or an increase in speed. Because road accidents occur primarily in rural areas, speeds tend to increase adding to the severity of the collision. A run off road type collision is a single vehicle accident that occurs when a vehicle leaves the roadway due to a driver attempting to avoid a collision or animal on the roadway or from over-steering.

If the vehicle strikes an immovable object such as a tree, a bridge structure or utility pole or if the vehicle rolls over, the road accident will likely produce injuries or fatalities. 2005 statistics of US road accidents show that even though run off road crashes accounted for only 16% of all crashes they resulted in 31% of the road accidents that ended in fatalities.

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