Safety Tips To Prevent Burn Accidents From Outdoor Fires

Safety Tips To Prevent Burn Accidents From Outdoor Fires As the weather cools off around the country, more and more people are spending evenings outdoors around bonfires. While these can be enjoyable experiences with friends and family members, care must be taken to prevent burn injuries to those loved ones.

Bonfire Safety To Avoid Burn Injuries

The best ways to prevent burn accidents around a bonfire are to prepare adequately and use a good dose of common sense.

The cleared area around the fire should be of ample size. Someone with experience should go about assembling the fire itself, and the person should always use good judgment in deciding how large the blaze should be. An oversized or overfed fire can easily get out of control and be very dangerous.

Keeping one’s distance from the conflagration is always a good idea. Never get too close to the actual flames, and be sure to keep smaller children at a safe distance. Do not throw junk or any sort of refuse into the fire.

North Bay PG&E Fire Lawsuits

North Bay PG&E Fire Lawsuits

An ample supply of water or some sort of extinguisher should always be kept on-hand during a blaze.

Basic First Aid Around Outdoor Fires

The British Red Cross supplies a few basic tips to help treat burn injuries should an accident occur around a bonfire.

In addition to the water needed to potentially extinguish a fire, water for potential burns should also be kept nearby at all times. Ideally, one should be close to running cold water and, if a burn occurs, the affected area should be held under water for about ten minutes. If running water is not available, bottled water or another cold beverages may serve if available.

Burn injuries should never be treated with butter or oil of any sort, they do more harm than good.

Be sure to get professional help immediately in the event of a serious burn injury.

Lastly, remember to remain calm if someone has been burned. Panicking only makes everything worse.

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