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The San Francisco Zoo, nestled against the Pacific Ocean, is one of the most scenic and best zoos in the US. Open 365 days a year, it’s home to more than 2,000 endangered, exotic, and rescued animals across 100 acres of customized habitats and peaceful gardens.

What sets San Francisco Zoo apart from others is its generous community outpouring of funds for dedicated habitats. You’ll delight in seeing the animals emerged in their native-styled lands with native plants and abundant land to roam.

Visitors can enjoy riding a 1921 Dentzel Carousel or  hop aboard a 1904 miniature Little Puffer Steam Train where you can ride through the South America and Bear Country sections of the park.

Here’s a run-down of the activities to ensure you don’t miss what you really want to see. You may just find yourself spending two days at the zoo with all its exciting happenings.

Grizzly Bear Breakfast – Every morning at 10:30am, zookeepers serve breakfast to Kachina & Kiona, grizzly sisters who were orphaned in the wild. It’s a great educational experience to learn about grizzlies, the California ecosystem, and just to watch how cute they are… and how much they eat!

Admire Rare Mexican Gray Wolves – Gray wolves are nearly extinct in the wild. The San Francisco Zoo adopted three little guys and housed them in their special habitat where you can enjoy a 270-degree view of these beautiful animals.

Walk in the Boundary-Free Aviary – When you step into this building, you’re stepping into a South American Tropical Rainforest. Don’t be surprised if a macaw or toucan glide just above your head while sloths and an anaconda rest on the huge tree limbs.

Visit the Giraffes – At 3:45pm, you are allowed inside the Giraffe Lodge for an up-close and personal visit with these gentle giants.

Stopover at the ARC – At the Koret Animal Resource Center lies a working facility that allows visitors to see how zookeepers, and trained volunteers, care for animals. This is a great educational component with many interesting stories to hear.

Penguin Island – This is one of the most successful captive breeding colonies in the world! You’ll enjoy being entertained by these Magellanic penguins as they dart through the water at speeds up to 15 miles per hour.

Get Back to Nature with Gorillas – This preserve is one of the largest habitats for western lowland gorillas in the country. It covers nearly an acre of land for these awesome giants to roam free and for you to observe them at leisure.

Walk among the Lemurs – You will be enthralled with these primates from Madagascar. Being the largest outdoor lemur habitat in the US, you’ll delight as these cuties leap from tree to tree and keep you entertained.

Family Farm Fun – If you have little ones, or are just a kid at heart, explore the Fisher Family Children’s Zoo where you can pet goats, sheep, and other animals in a safe environment.

Give in to your Wild Side – The zoo & garden offers an array of guided experiences that give your access to exhibits that aren’t covered by general admission. They range from 60 to 90 minutes and can be customized to your needs. Be sure to check them out ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

The zoo is wheelchair and stroller accessible guaranteeing that all families will enjoy their day at the zoo. Whether it’s just to get out in the lovely San Francisco sun, watch your favorite animals, or make an educational day, nothing beats the day at the zoo.

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