Teenager Injured in Head-On Bicycle Accident

One of the scariest things to a conscientious cyclist is that of being involved in a bike accident with an automobile. Even when a cyclist wears a helmet, wears reflectors, and practices safe techniques, the fact remains that for many motorists, cyclists might as well be ghosts. This inattentiveness in many motorists increases the likelihood of a bicycle accident. Inattentive cyclists also exponentially increase this likelihood. Personal Injury News, Lawyers & Resources reported on one such incident on 13 July 2009. A teenager was struck by an automobile in a head-on bike accident on Sunday, July 12, 2009.

Collin Hughes, age 16, was struck by Martha Beemer, age 81, while riding his bicycle early Sunday morning. He was riding eastbound on Mount Zoar Rd. when he was struck head-on by a west bound vehicle driven by Beemer. While there were not many details reported about the accident, we do know that Beemer has reported that she rounded a corner and was unable to avoid the collision. In situations like this one, it is difficult to know what to do in trying to handle the bike accident situation in the best way possible.

Bicycle Accidents & Legal Responsibility
With many bicycle accidents such as this one, it is extremely difficult to determine fault. This is why it is so crucial to get a bicycle accident lawyer involved. If the driver of the automobile can be found at fault, then that driver is legally responsible for the injuries occurred. The difficulty with many bike accident scenarios is determining who is actually at fault. Finding a personal injury attorney who is aware of the legal aspects of bicycle accidents is an important step to handling these difficult situations.

Disadvantage of Cyclists in Injury Cases
In the accident listed above, it is not clear if Beemer in the automobile or Hughes on the bike was at fault. In seemingly ambiguous situations such as this one, often times the cyclist is automatically at a disadvantage, especially to insurance companies. Recent studies have shown that injuries sustained from a car accident are up to 30% to 40% higher than for the same injuries incurred by a cyclist in a bike accident. Having a legal assistance of a bicycle accident attorney can greatly help Hughes and his family to reach a reasonable settlement that covers Hughes injuries as well as any damage to the bike itself.

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Teenager Injured in Head-On Bicycle Accident

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