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Los Angeles Times Reports That Toy Related Injuries Are On The Rise

Scooter InjuriesA recent article in the Los Angeles Times has indicated that hospital data has concluded that there has been a 40% increase since 1990 of toy-related injuries, for the most part caused by scooters. The Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that the total number of toy-related injuries grew from 121,300 in 1990 to 195,402 in 2011. That’s an increase of 61%. Most of these injuries could have been prevented, if the toys were designed with a greater emphasis on safety.
Research has found the following:
A. The age at which children are most likely to be injured is two. Kids younger than five accounted for more than 50% of total injuries.
B. Four out of five injuries occur at home.
C. Injuries are more frequent during the Spring and Summer months of April through September.
D. 98% of kids taken to the ER are released and not admitted overnight to the hospital.
E. The increase in injuries is mostly attributable to the popularity of foot-powered scooters. Injuries involving foot-powered scooters increased 74% from 1990 to 2011.
F.  Foot-powered scooters are responsible for 35% of all toy-related injuries, more than any other type of toy. Kids who went to the ER after a scooter accident, as opposed to another toy-related injury, were 38% more likely to be admitted to the hospital.
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