Transvaginal Sling and Mesh Surgery News

On July 14, 2011, the FDA issued an advisory warning due to the numerous reports that the transvaginal mesh sling implants had been slipping out of place. The transvaginal mesh sling procedure is used for Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

One transvaginal mesh manufacturer, the Mentor O.B. tape vaginal sling, has been taken off the market due to a design defect.

The FDA review concluded that the transvaginal mesh sling product exposes patients to serious side effects. There have been at least 3,800 reported adverse injury reports in connection with transvaginal sling procedures.

The problem with these devices which are used to treat Female Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) are that due to their make up of polypropylene mesh the mesh causes infections and adverse reactions to the surrounding tissue resulting in severe complications.

What happens is that the mesh erodes into the vagina or can move or shrink causing urinary problems, pelvic pain, and infections. Obviously, this is extremely painful, including extreme pain during sexual relations, fistulas and reoccurrence of prolapsed organs and neuropathic pain. These are very serious complications.

Our experts believe that the mesh is based on a defective design, which causes the complications. One possible theory is the sling prevents the surrounding tissue from receiving nutrients, causing complications. All of our clients have either had migration and/or erosion and intense pelvic pain, vaginal scarring and more.

Over 100,000 women have been treated with surgical mesh for Pelvic Organ Prolapse since 2010 with 75,000 implanted vaginally. If you are one of those women and are suffering side effects from your transvaginal sling and mesh product, then you need to contact a personal injury lawyer today.

As personal injury lawyers, we have been representing victims (throughout the United States) who are suffering complications stemming from the transvaginal mesh such as the Avaulta vaginal mesh, the Gynecare mesh, the Avaulta vaginal mesh system, and other mesh manufacturers.

If you believe you, or someone you love, have been affected by a transvaginal sling and mesh product, then please contact one of our personal injury lawyers at 800-718-4658. Remember, when you’re injured, the right lawyer does make a difference.

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