USC Gynecologist Abuses: Dr. George Tyndall

Health Center, University of Southern

Our team has already filed a lawsuit on behalf of one of the first victims who has come forward.

George Tyndall Gynecologist AccusedThe lawsuit against the University of Southern California and George Tyndall, their former gynecologist is due to Tyndall’s sexual misconduct, abuse and harassment of his patients and that USC knew of Dr. Tyndall’s actions for many years but did nothing to stop it. Our teams are already representing 40 victims and have already filed one of the first lawsuits with many yet to come.


The L.A. Times reports that Dr. Tyndall examined as many as 10,000 students during his nearly 30-year career at USC.  More than 410 people have contacted a university hotline since the story went public. Many of the patients were foreign students.

Alleged Patient Abuse At USC Student Health Center

Dr. Tyndall was employed by USC since 1989. In spite of many misconduct and abuse complaints filed against him for his behavior to women during gynecological exams USC. never terminated or even reprimanded him for his conduct.

Finally, in 2016 after hundreds of instances, he was ultimately suspended. In spite of what occurred, USC allowed Tyndall to quietly resign and paid him a significant severance without any formal suspension or disciplinary action. The University did not inform Tyndall’s patients, who he victimized or report him to the Medical Board of California – the State agency who has authority over doctors’ licenses, discipline, standards, qualifications, etc.


On May 29, 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department announced a criminal investigation into the abuse scandal.

If you were seen by Dr. George Tyndall at the USC Student Health Center and were made to feel uncomfortable by Mr. Tyndall’s examination or medical practices, contact us immediately for a free and confidential consultation.

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Dr. Tyndall’s Alleged Outrageous Content Is As Follows:

  1. Use of fingers at the start of pelvic exams.
  2. Inserting one finger into a patient’s vagina and then a second, even after a patient voiced concern that the fingers are too large, do not fit or is not appropriate.
  3. Discussing with the patients the tightness of the vaginal muscles as he probed.
  4. Making outrageous comments about patients’ sex lives, their vaginas and inappropriately touching and groping their breasts.
  5. Leering at women while undressing.
  6. Other unacceptable lewd conduct.

USC Gynecologist Abuse Lawsuit

In spite of the above even with numerous complaints, USC did nothing to investigate, suspend or even place Dr. Tyndall on probation for his outrageous and inappropriate activities.

Finally, in early 2018 he was reported by a supervising nurse to a campus rape crisis center and the school had no choice but to file a complaint with the State Medical Board.

Ultimately, USC president Max Nikias was forced to resign due to his lack of action throughout the long torrid Tyndall affair.

Victims are now starting to reach out alleging sexual misconduct and abuse against Tyndall and USC.

Nadrich & Cohen and its legal teams are representing sexual abuse victims. Although we know it is difficult, we encourage victims to contact us for assistance. We promise you we will always be discreet and hold everything you tell us in confidence. We also have staff members who speak Mandarin and Spanish.

We promise to hold all responsible parties accountable for their actions and obtain for you monetary compensation.

USC Sexual Abuse VictimNadrich & Cohen and its partners have extensive experience handling sexual abuse cases throughout California.

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Call today. We also have Mandarin Translators available to serve you. Get justice now. Call, use the live chat or complete the free case evaluation form on this page. 1-800-718-4658.

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