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Sexual Abuse Lawsuit At USC Gynecologist

George Tyndall USC lawsuit

IMPORTANT: If you have been the victim of inappropriate conduct by Dr. Tyndall and do not want your name mentioned in the lawsuit we have set up a process so you can remain anonymous at all times. Your name will not be disclosed in the lawsuit. We are here to protect you. Your privacy is our top concern.

For decades the USC administration was outrageously negligent in allowing Dr. George Tyndall to continue to treat and examine female students over a span of almost 30 years. We are representing former and current USC students who were victimized by Dr. Tyndall. If you were a patient of Dr. Tyndall and were made to feel uncomfortable during a medical examination, we would like to speak with you.

Your voice deserves to be heard. We can give you the means to explain what happened, hold USC officials accountable for their decision to ignore decades of misconduct reports about Dr. George Tyndall’s examination practices, and to obtain compensation for what you have endured.

Your Voice Should Be Heard

Sexual abuse is intolerable. It takes away the confidence of a woman, her privacy, and literally leaves us naked. Over his 30-year career, Dr. George Tyndall, with the acquiescence of USC allowing him to continue working, stole from hundreds of women their confidence, privacy, security, and self-esteem by submitting them to abuse while making believe he was caring for them. We are outraged by Dr. Tyndall’s conduct, USC’s conspiracy to keep it quiet, and USC officials failing to do anything about it until they were forced to act due to public outcry.

For nearly 30 years, USC chose to protect Dr. Tyndall instead of protecting female students from a sexual predator.  Even after USC became aware of complaints against him they did nothing to stop him. They allowed Dr. Tyndall to quietly resign even after decades of abusing women.

Let us help you to make these people bear the consequences of their actions so they are held financially accountable for what they have done. Let us do that for you and let us give you a voice and the means to tell the world what happened to you. Anonymous filing is available, so that your story can be told without having to publicly disclose your identity.

Why Choose Nadrich & Cohen?

  • We have an office in Los Angeles, minutes from the USC campus
  • Our legal teams have successfully represented many sexual abuse victims, including clergy abuse & student-teacher abuse
  • We are sensitive to the desire for anonymity. We can file the case so that the victim’s identity will remain confidential.
  • We have recovered $350 million for our clients.

No case is too challenging or too difficult for us as we have the resources to take on USC. Let us bring the case for you. We are contingency lawyers so if we do not obtain a recovery it will cost you nothing.

Your story needs to be told. Let us help you.

Free & Confidential Consultation

If you were sexually abused by Dr. George Tyndall or subjected to any misconduct during any examination we want to discuss your claim. Please call 310-826-8082 or 800-718-4658 today to schedule a confidential, free consultation with a qualified legal representative. We have the resources to help you. Everything you tell us will be in complete confidence.

Call today. We also have Mandarin Speakers available to serve you. Get justice now. Call, use the live chat or complete the free case evaluation form on this page 1-800-718-4658.