Vision Zero: A Plan to Eliminate Los Angeles Traffic Fatalities By 2025

The roadways in Los Angeles are the most dangerous in the nation. In 2016, 260 people died in traffic accidents. With a collision death rate of 6.27 per 100,000 people, it’s nearly twice that of New York City which is 3.21 per 100,000 people. A close second was Chicago, at 5.34 per 100,000.

Fortunately, the city of Los Angeles plans to initiate a campaign to lower traffic fatalities. In fact, the goal of its bold plan – Vision Zero – is to eliminate traffic-related deaths completely by 2025. This year alone, the goal is to reduce fatalities by 20%. The proposed 20% reduction for 2017 will return traffic fatalities back to 2015 levels. Los Angeles saw a rise in fatalities in 2016, which was primarily caused by more vehicles on the roadways and more miles driven.

Vision Zero, which was launched in 2015, originally focused on four elements: education, evaluation, engineering and enforcement. While these four elements are still in place, city officials are rethinking their strategy in order to make intersections safer for motorists and pedestrians alike.

To start, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has identified the 40 most dangerous corridors in the city. These deadly streets deemed the “high-injury network,” will be the big focus for now. Intersections near schools will also be a priority. Vision Zero has already received grants that will allow officials to focus on nine of those deadly corridors

Vision Zero is a movement many countries and communities have adopted. It started in Sweden in 1997. Over the 20 years that the campaign has been in place in Sweden, the country has seen a 30% reduction in traffic deaths.

While this is an ambitious plan to eliminate all Los Angeles traffic fatalities by 2025, the Los Angeles car accident lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP supports the city’s commitment to the Vision Zero program.

Over the years, our law firm has handled many traffic fatality cases in Los Angeles County and throughout California. If the Vision Zero initiative can prevent even one family from having to go through the tragic loss of a loved one due to an accident, that is a victory. We support the city’s efforts for this worthy campaign.

To read more about Vision Zero Los Angeles, click here.

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