Zimmer Nexgen Knee Replacements

The “Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has stated that the total number of knee replacements rose 30% from 2004 to 2008. 61% of these surgeries are men and women ages 45 to 64.

Knee replacement surgery involves replacing the joint’s weight-bearing surfaces. What happens is the surgeon cuts away the damaged bone, cartilage, and one ligament. He then replaces them with an artificial joint made of either cobalt, chrome or titanium, and a plastic compound known as polyethylene. A total knee replacement takes the place of the entire knee joint. A partial knee replacement only replaces the damaged area. The partial can be done with minimally invasive surgery and has a speedier recovery time. A partial knee replacement will work best where the damage to the knee is limited to a small area.

In 2008, 63% of all knee replacements were performed on women. That is because women are more likely to develop osteoarthritis of the knee than men. Unfortunately, the marketing departments of the knee implant manufacturers, knowing these statistics, now promote gender-specific knee replacements that they state are tailored to a woman’s unique physiology. However, specialists indicate there is no real physiological difference – just size-specific, not gender-specific.

Rehabilitation from a knee replacement requires working on your quadriceps and whole body strength, riding a stationary bike, straight leg raises with weights, and manual manipulation by the therapist to restore movement. You need to work very hard.

More information about Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement, otherwise known as Joint Arthroplasty, is an increasingly frequent procedure to replace the knee with a new implant, which is an artificial knee. Essentially, they are supposed to last for 15 years, but, unfortunately, there have been numerous knee replacement problems including the need for subsequent revision surgery, loosening, metal infections known as metallosis, and other side effects.

Our law firm is investigating side effects caused by total knee replacement surgery from coast to coast. Recently, total knee replacement surgery systems have, unfortunately, been connected with a very high number of side effects including the need for a second or corrective knee replacement surgical procedure. Other complaints include knee failure and very painful loosening of the implant.

Some experts are saying that the failure rate of Total Knee Replacement Implants may be as high as 10%. Many patients who received the system also complain of significant pain upon any movement because of the loosening of the knee implant.

On September 13th, 2010, the FDA posted a Class 2 recall of the Knee Implant Total Replacement Systems. A copy of the FDA recall can be viewed by clicking here. The recall happened because of numerous complaints the FDA received (as well as complaints from Zimmer) of the implants loosening requiring a knee replacement revision. As of the middle of 2010, there were 114 filed adverse events of the knee replacement surgery systems loosening and/or a patient requiring knee replacement revision surgery. We believe there are hundreds of more failures beyond what has so far thus been reported.

We are currently investigating DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Replacement Lawsuit claims for patients that have undergone a revision procedure following implant of the device.

As a result of the above, in April 2010, Zimmer modified the surgical technique and instructed its knee surgeons of the new technique. The change is to fully cement and pressurize the anterior and posterior surfaces of the tibial component and to use a drop-down stem extension.

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Knee Replacement Surgery Revision

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