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A new Zoloft trial is underway in San Jose, but this one isn’t related to birth defects. In this case, a woman is suing manufacturer Pfizer claiming that she took the drug for three years and saw no noticeable improvement in her depression. Specifically, Laura A. Plumlee alleges that Zoloft is no better than placebo in treating depression, and her attorney attests that Pfizer knowingly withheld information from clinical studies which demonstrated the ineffectiveness of Zoloft.

Pfizer denies the claims. In an official statement, the company argued the following: “Pfizer believes the lawsuit filed in California is groundless and is based largely on information … that has been widely criticized by many experts in the mental health field.”

The allegations here are alarming. Zoloft has more than 37 million users in the U.S. alone, and has already proven highly controversial due to instances of birth defects, suicides and overdoses. If it’s true that Pfizer neglected to inform the FDA about clinical trials proving ineffectiveness, the FDA should take immediate action against the manufacturer.

If Zoloft is no more effective than placebo, then it’s very safe to say that lives could have been saved and mothers could have been spared tremendous heartache and trauma if only this information had come to light much sooner. As new information unfolds, Pfizer may face even greater litigation. We will continue to monitor the situation and investigate claims of misconduct on the part of Pfizer.

If you currently take Zoloft, speak with your doctor about possible alternatives. Don’t immediately cease use on your own, but share your concerns with your doctor and explore possible other options. Your health is your number 1 asset, and the case against Zoloft grows stronger every day.

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